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Testpress edition of Hypothermia - Kaffe och Blod II

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This is a hand assembled edition. Each part is painted and printed manually which is reflected in its price. Every copy of the testpress edition of Kaffe & Blod II comes with a altar cloth which is dyed by hand with blood and wine and professionally printed with the Vemodsorkestern sigil and sigils for each participating member followed by a week of fumigation with salvia for purification. Every copy has a hand-painted sleeve painted with coffee and blood that is numbered by hand and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity that is dyed with coffee and numbered with blood. Only 21 copies exist. The cloth measures approximately 1x 1.5 meters but because they were divided by hand some cloths are slightly bigger or smaller in width. It can be used as a table cloth or mounted on a wall or framed as you wish.

Every copy will be sent with a tracking number which is connected to an insurance in case something would happen you will get your money back. Please use the shipping option for this testpress when you make your order to get the correct shipping. You may also choose what number you want of this special edition. Every certificate is numbered by hand on the cover, vinyl and certificate.

One last copy available from a double-order discovered after shipping all other copies.

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